Tacky, Trashy, and Terrorist.

Those are the three words that Neely Fuller Jr uses to describe the white supremacist, and personally I have never read anything more true.  Understand this, we are in a melanin war and if you are a person with melanin in your skin you are a target. You are not protected by being a woman or being so called bi racial or light skinned. Under the system of white supremacy you are a nigger.  They white supremacist who are actively running the world are rewarding these race soldiers for killing us.

One thing that I have noticed is that a lot of black people believe anything that white people tell them. Knowing that white people are the master deceivers (native american legend says they have forked tongues). What they do is mix in very little truth then tell lies. There are two systems in this country the justice system and the slave catching system. The justice system is used for white people that no matter how many people they kill, molest, rape and so on, they are owed a fair trial. When a black person jaywalks they are shot on the spot and left to bleed out so that they cannot tell their side of the story.

These people are at a negative birth rate, the know that they are facing genetic annihilation so they are stepping up their crimes against black people.  I say it all the time, get your 2nd amendment game up, train and pray you never have to use but be prepared if you do.  Stay safe family.


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