Clocked in chronicles

When you clock in at your job, are you tired of laughing when nothing is funny, smiling when you don’t feel like it, or nodding and smiling just to survive. If you have answered yes to any portion of that question, know you are not alone. I’m still learning how to deal with it. There are times at work where I feel completely ignored other times I feel under a microscope. There is no balance to the scales and it’s tiring. A lot of people complain it’s only in office jobs but not racism is in all jobs. Id like to share somethings that I have noticed in the workplace.

In dealing with white men at work I have noticed that If you are not another white man you are unnoticed. That can be a good or a bad thing. Its good in the sense that you don’t have to make small talk. Me personally, I hate small talk.  Another good thing is that while Tom is ignoring you, depending on your job setting you will pretty much have free reign to do your job with out him over your shoulder asking if you know what you are doing.  The bad thing that I have noticed from my experiences is that white men get jobs on the strength of being a white man, qualified or not. So their screw up can fall on your head. They also tend to have secret white meetings where they are passing memo’s about changes in company policy that you are not privy to, and if you are not following procedure the axe falls on your head.

White women at work, where do I begin. Well first the racist woman at work is coy, cunning and discreet. Most of her racism goes under the radar because of her gender, which is part of her mastery of deception.  The white woman is more willing to engage you in conversation under the guise of sisterhood if your female or the minority flag if your male. The white woman as work is fully aware of her surroundings at all times and is ALWAYS listening. One of the favorite tricks of white people in general at the job but white women in particular is to complain about aggression to HR.  She will walk in the HR office crying, her main weapon (never acknowledge and white woman crying it gives her power), and when they calm her down she spins a tale of how you are aggressive because you didn’t say hello to her or she felt threatened by a look that you gave her when she asked about how to attract black men (happened to me). She often times makes herself appear less threatening by being soft spoken and coming off as ditzy. That is a con game, she is loading up ammunition to fire herself or to give to a white man to do the shooting. Truly she is a shape shifter , do not let her gender or faux sly smile mislead you. Remember even if there is a pseudo work friendship she wants you to take her to your house, you aren’t invited to hers.

Guard yourselves, guard your employment until you can get off of the plantation, and learn behavior and code words. Peace.


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