Religion Vs. African Spirituality.

Its seemingly the never ending battle in the black community. Jesus Vs. Heru, the new heavy weight bout. Is there a common ground to be found though? I believe so,  the earliest Christians were in Ethiopia. The original trinity was Auset, Asar and Heru, in modern bible they removed the woman. That was because King James was a homosexual pedophile  and a misogynist.  At any rate, I can understand it from both perspectives.  I can understand the older generation holding tightly to white Jesus. Thats the shining beacon that got them through Jim Crow and all that it entailed. They raised their children to believe in Jesus and some strayed from it but many stayed and taught it to their children. The ones who left traditional Christianity either went to the NOI (Nation of Islam) or found some type of African Spirituality to practice.

Lets break down what the bible really is. First things first, stop trying to put dates on the events that took place in the bible, the bible itself is an allegory of morality. These events didnt happen but are mythologies that are meant to inspire strength and perseverance.  The bible is meant to show you how to live your life and some people take it literally and thats cool, but I feel like you should keep your religious views to yourself unless asked, dont go “peddling Jesus” because that starts arguments. Second, the bible that is used in the black community is the King James version,  I wont go into him in depth because I told about him earlier, but I will add that he did also write the book of demonology and certain parts of the King James bible are said to have been written by William Shakespeare. Third is that the bible has been used as a primary weapon that the white supremacist have used through out centuries and the content is watered down, not unlike anything else though. There is a lot of debate about what spirituality actually is. In my opinion because that’s all I have is that spirituality is just being in tune with yourself and your surroundings. I feel that you are born with spirituality and are taught religion.

Common ground through African spirituality has been the root cause to most of the great slave rebellions in the US and the Caribbean. Most slaves did have a western religion, because slave masters practiced different things the slaves were members of different religions ranging from Catholic to Lutheran. Nat Turner was a Baptist and Saint Louverture was a Roman Catholic, but they knew how to tap into the kundalini energy to let that guide them to freedom.  We have been taught that it’s evil or occult to even think about that though, and to be honest occult has nothing to do with the devil the definition of the word means hidden. Ask yourself why is it hidden? It’s a blue print to liberation is the logical reason.  Never follow people follow the logic. Ask yourself, is it logical for the White Supremacist power structure for black people to know what they have an antenna to the universe? No! No, it is not.  Read about kundalili energy, learn it, use it.


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